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Using this time of COVID-19 for good

Using this time of COVID-19 for good: Perfect time for important discussions

Paul Malley

All of us, the world over, are impacted in some way by the uncertainties related to COVID-19.  For some of us, it means cancelled travel plans.  For others, it means lost work.  For those in healthcare, it means preparing for unknown clinical challenges.  For families with loved ones in care facilities, it means limited visits.

Over the past week, we’ve seen a surge in requests for Five Wishes.  While the circumstance of these days are far from good, the fact that people are taking the time to talk about taking good care of the people they love is very good.  

We’re hearing from families that they want to be prepared. Many are using this time, as families are gathered together and staying home, to talk about what matters most to them.  Rather than being resigned to feeling helpless about the coronavirus and the danger a loved one may face, they are taking action to be prepared.  And they’re telling us it’s a very positive experience.  They’re having great talks with the people who are closest to them about the things that matter most.

Here are some things we can say to those who are most important to us.
•    You matter to me
•    I love you
•    I’ll be here for you
•    I want to do the right things for you

That’s a good way to start any important conversation with your family or close friends.  Use any one of those statements as an opening to a conversation.  It could be to ask your parents if they’ve stocked up on necessities (especially their medicines) at home.  Or it could be to talk about who they trust to make medical decisions for them.

If you’re looking for a way to start… start with what matters most. And see the latest information about how you can get your Five Wishes here.  Now is the perfect time to think about what matters most, and talk to the people who matter most to you.

We are with you.  If we prepare well, and act with good intentions, these times can bring out the best of our humanity.


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