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In an increasingly competitive job market, you want to attract and retain the best employees. You devote time and resources to recruiting and training quality team members, hoping they will remain with you for the long haul.

But life happens. And whether that means your employees will face their own health challenges or will be closely involved in caring for a loved one, chances are good your employees will feel pulled away from work and possibly feel overwhelmed.

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Increase Productivity. Decrease Unwanted Healthcare Expenses.

When workers are dealing with the care-giving needs of elderly parents and grandparents, they’re distracted and often absent, which costs employers money. The caregiver-employee’s own health suffers as well, which drives up employer health plan costs too. But when goals of care are put in writing using the Five Wishes advance directive, employers save money from less absenteeism and turnover, fewer ICU visits and shorter hospital stays.

Many of us put more thought and planning into a vacation than into our plans in case of serious illness or accident. Five Wishes at Work is an invaluable benefit you can provide for just pennies a day per employee. It’s an easy-to-implement program and complete approach to discussing and documenting care and comfort choices – something many of us put off until it’s too late or we’re in the midst of a health crisis, when our decision-making skills aren't at their best.

Many workplace wellness programs are designed to promote health and prevent disease. With chronic diseases touching every demographic, studies show people who think through and plan for their care in case of serious illness make healthier choices today.

Five Wishes at Work has helped thousands of employers ensure employees and their families get the care they want. Employers who offer advance care planning have seen a reduction in unwanted health care costs while increasing trust and productivity throughout their organizations.

Investing in your workers

With Five Wishes at Work, you'll increase productivity and decrease unwanted health expenses.

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Your Five Wishes at Work package includes:

Employee packages containing:

  • Two Five Wishes advance directives per employee
  • One Conversation Guide for Individuals and Families
  • Customized packaging with a letter from your organization detailing your commitment to employees' wellness

Support & internal marketing materials including:

  • Implementation guide
  • Telephone support for your implementation team and employees
  • Online dashboard to access articles and information for internal marketing
  • Presenter’s Guide and customizable PowerPoint for team meetings
  • Promotional flyers and infographics on the value of advance care planning and caregiver issues
  • Tools to assist in engaging your community in advance care planning
  • Sample program launch communications and calendar