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Five Wishes is here for you

Thank you for your interest in Five Wishes. As the full effects of the coronavirus began to take hold in March, we offered an option to obtain Five Wishes on this site at no cost for a limited time. Throughout March and into April, we saw a tenfold increase in requests for Five Wishes. During this time it was encouraging to see so many people and families begin important discussions about what good care means to them.

We hope you’ll visit our new COVID-19 resource page to see the options available to obtain Five Wishes today.

As a nonprofit organization, the sale of Five Wishes ensures that we provide education, resources and advocacy for those whose dignity is in jeopardy from the inability to communicate their wishes. We are honored that we could assist so many people during the peak impact of COVID-19, and we will continue to do so.

Five Wishes has remained open and committed to you throughout this time. Deliveries of Five Wishes are occurring without delay.
We’re here for you!