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Offer Students, Faculty, Staff and Alumni the Gift of Peace of Mind

We use educational institutions to further our knowledge on every topic under the sun. Expand your teaching by educating your students, staff, and alumni about Five Wishes. Thousands of educational organizations have used Five Wishes, an advance care planning document developed to ensure peace of mind at the end of one’s life.

How does Five Wishes help my educational institution?

  • Serves as an educational teaching aid in courses related to aging, nursing, human development, medicine and more
  • Supports the life-long link between alumni and universities
  • Demonstrates a culture of understanding when used as an employee benefit for faculty and staff
  • Promotes a safe and cared-for student body, particularly when many students are away from home for the first time

In addition to Five Wishes, we offer training programs and tools that will help teach you how to effectively present to your educational community and help people through Five Wishes. Offer free workshops for students and staff, include during student enrollment, and distribute at alumni events. Five Wishes can be customized with your institute’s information and is a cost-effective solution.

Start providing additional value to your students and staff with the programs below.

  • Used by colleges and universities as an educational tool, employee wellness program and alumni relations benefit.
  • Easy to ImplementLearn how you can integrate our programs into your organization.
  • Solutions for Your OrganizationContact us to begin customizing an advance care planning program that works best for your institution.
  • Customize Five Wishes

Five Wishes is the beginning of a conversation.

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