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Offer Your Clients and Prospects More Than Just Insurance

As a critical service, clients rely on you to ensure that their very livelihood, and the livelihood of those they love, is taken care of in times of struggle, illness, or death. You can provide an additional assurance through Five Wishes. Five Wishes offers insurance providers an integral benefit by providing peace of mind through advance care planning. As a trusted business, you can ensure that their monetary, medical, spiritual, and legal wishes are upheld at the end of life.

How does Five Wishes help my insurance business?

  • Differentiates you from your competition by offering end-of-life security at a low cost to your company
  • Saves your clients to cost of having an attorney prepare an advance directive, demonstrating your commitment to protecting their resources
  • When custom-printed with your business name, serves as a marketing prospecting and community outreach tool

Every day more than 11,000 Americans turn 65. And with this unprecedented retirement wave of Baby Boomers comes anxiety if they have planned well enough for their futures. Positioning yourself as a guardian of personal security and wishes helps instill trust in your clients and prospects. In addition to the Five Wishes document, we offer training tools that teach you how to effectively present to community groups and help people through Five Wishes.

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Five Wishes is the beginning of a conversation.

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