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Differentiate Your Business and Offer More Value to Your Employees

The employment landscape can be a competitive place. It is proven that companies that treat their employees with respect and offer competitive benefits have happier, more productive employees. As a human resource professional, we can offer you a high-value, niche employee benefit that meets an important and growing need of American workers by providing a resource to help guide them in planning and caring for loved ones facing a serious illness.

How does Five Wishes help my business and employees?

  • Differentiates your company from other businesses by providing an additional unique and inexpensive HR benefit
  • When custom-printed with your business name, serves as an internal marketing tool during hiring, annual benefit fairs and open enrollment periods

An estimated one-quarter all American employees currently provide some level of care for an elderly relative and about half of these caregivers also work full-time. Five Wishes is an employee benefit that goes beyond the everyday planning and helps provide your employees with a peace-of-mind that in turn can help reduce lost productivity and turnover resulting from elder caregiving responsibilities.

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