Provide peace of mind for your clients and employees

Partnering With Organizations of All Types to Provide Peace of Mind

More than 40,000 organizations have used Five Wishes to better serve and attract new members, patients, clients, and supporters. Customized resources available for healthcare providers, faith and community groups, attorneys, financial and insurance professionals, business and employers, and academia.

Put simply, any organization can benefit from providing Five Wishes to the people who are part of your team, the people you serve, and the people you’d like to help. This is true for large corporations, small businesses, physician practices, places of worship, banks, hospitals, hospices, palliative care, home care, and employers of all sizes.

The truth is, we need you! Five Wishes started as a grassroots effort. It’s served millions of families because of people like you – and the organizations you are part of – that have helped to spread the word.

We want to help by making it easy for your organization. So we’ve developed some turnkey resources that are ready to use:

  • Ready-to-use community outreach and education tools and resources, customizable for your organization.
  • Custom branded copies of Five Wishes. As you distribute Five Wishes, include your organization’s logo and messaging on the back cover of every document that you provide. It builds awareness of your business or organization, and provides a helpful service.

Where to start?

Take a look at the products below and see which ones would be most helpful for the people you serve. Also, check out our resources and tips for your specific sector.

Interested in more tips or ideas for your organization?

We’d love to help. Contact us and let us know a bit about you and who you are aiming to serve. Our team is happy to share our experience and ideas with you.

An employee wellness and community outreach tool that provides peace-of-mind.