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Honoring Spiritual and Faith Traditions in How We Plan for Dignified Care

Of the 40,000 organizations that use Five Wishes, the greatest number are churches, places of worship, and faith communities.

Faith and spiritual traditions can play a huge role in our lives. We believe they should also be an important part of planning for dignified care. Our traditions can help guide our healthcare decisions and our preferences for comfort. During times of illness, we may find comfort in scripture, meditation, prayer, sacraments, or other readings. An advance care plan that does not include these things may miss things that are very important.

Often, as we approach serious illness or the end of life, we tend to think more about the things that matter most. We want to express love, to be forgiven and to forgive, and to prepare ourselves and our loved ones for what happens after our death. We may also have preferences for how our faith traditions are honored in memorial services or ceremonies.

This sure sounds like fertile ground for faith communities to act! We are grateful to work with all type of faith traditions – Jewish, Christian, Muslim, Buddhist, Hindu, Jain, and others – to help put faith, spirituality, and tradition at the heart of caregiving.

Looking for a place to start? Check out the resources below. It would be helpful to start with copies of Five Wishes, the Presenters Guide, and DVD. If you’d like to talk about how your community can effectively use Five Wishes, contact us and tell us a bit about you and your community. We’d like to help!

  • Faith communities of all traditions use Five Wishes because it is the only advance directive that deals with spiritual matters in addition to medical decisions.
  • Easy to ImplementLearn how you can integrate our programs in your place of worship.
  • Download NowA free guide on how to use Five Wishes in your community.
  • Customize Five Wishes

Five Wishes is the beginning of a conversation.

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