Hope Today
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Restoring and reaffirming human dignity

Hope Today helps elderly and disabled members of the community who live alone by offering the emotional, material, and spiritual support necessary for them to live with a continued sense of dignity and self-worth. Hope Today began as an Aging with Dignity pilot project in May 2005 and currently serves people in rural Wakulla and Franklin counties in North Florida.

Mother Teresa once was asked what she believed was the world’s greatest disease. She replied, “the greatest disease is loneliness – to be alone and without friends, family or any human touch.

In too many parts of the country, elderly people live alone and in near-poverty. Hope Today volunteers locate and care for those elderly who live alone and who often feel unwanted, unloved, uncared for and forgotten by society. It mobilizes caring volunteers to offer them compassion, material assistance, and friendship.

The Hope Today goal is to restore and reaffirm human dignity that may have been lost.

Hope Today not only benefits those served, it is also of great value to those who work in service. These volunteers receive the gift of being able to give – a practical, tangible way to show their love and concern. Hope Today volunteers gain life-changing, hands-on experience caring for or spending time with someone who is sick or in need.

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