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Preserving dignity in healthcare and joy in practice through meaningful conversations

Five Wishes is a comprehensive, person-centered advance care planning program that offers healthcare providers a proven, easy-to-use approach to having effective and compassionate conversations. The program works for large health systems, hospices, long term care, clinics, physicians, and all other practice settings - because you can choose which components are right for you. Most of the program components are customizable based on your specific needs, who you serve, and how advance care planning fits in your practice.

The hallmark of the Five Wishes program is its simplicity and clarity. Just as the Five Wishes advance directive document is widely known for being easy to follow and understand, the full program includes easy to use, turn-key, scalable tools and resources.

Five Wishes program components include:

Five Wishes Advance Directive Document
An easy-to-understand advance directive form that is legal in 42 states, available in 29 different languages, and written in user friendly, familiar language. The document helps guide clinicians and patients through conversations. For children, conversation tools for families include My Wishes, and Voicing My Choices for adolescents.

Training Solutions
Scalable and easy-to-implement training including a “just in time” clinical conversation guide, online training modules, and on-site trainings and workshops.

Professional Consulting Services
Custom engagements to help you build effective advance care planning programs and measure their impact in the context of your goals.

Resources for Practices and Patients
Simple, practical and useful materials for healthcare professionals, and for patients and families to help you most effectively use Five Wishes in your practice. The Five Wishes Physician Toolkit is a comprehensive set of resources to help any practice begin having advance care planning conversations. The Five Wishes Conversation Guide for Individuals and Families is a meaningful and sensitive tool to help your patients talk about their wishes with their loved ones.

Five Wishes Community of Practice
A peer mentoring and resource sharing community of healthcare professionals using the Five Wishes program, facilitated to enhance your outcomes and elevate your practice.

Communication is one of the most important elements of excellent patient care, and it is central to fostering a positive patient experience. The Five Wishes program fosters and supports values-based conversations and communication between clinicians, patients, and families about what matters most to people at the end of their lives.

The conversation approach health care providers use with their own families.
  • The Patient-Preferred Advance Directive According to the the Journal of the American Board of Family Medicine: “Five Wishes was more readable, understandable, appealing, and usable. It seemed to capture patient preferences for end-of-life care more effectively and it more readily facilitated patient-clinician conversations.”
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