Five Wishes Practice Community
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The Five Wishes Practice Community is a collaborative community of healthcare professionals who use the Five Wishes program for advance care planning. The goal of the community is to enhance your outcomes and elevate your practice through sharing best practice stories, resources, information, and more.

Membership is FREE, and available to any health professionals who use any components of the Five Wishes program.

Here are some of the benefits of participating as a member of the Five Wishes Practice Community:

  • Newsletters with updates new resources and best practice highlights
  • Educational webinars around topics that matter to you
  • Special resources to enhance your program and practice, based on what members want and need
  • Mentoring and technical assistance to support your Five Wishes program implementation and help you measure impact
  • Opportunities to network and brainstorm with other Five Wishes Practice Community members

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  • The conversation approach health care providers use with their own families.
  • The Patient-Preferred Advance Directive According to the the Journal of the American Board of Family Medicine: “Five Wishes was more readable, understandable, appealing, and usable. It seemed to capture patient preferences for end-of-life care more effectively and it more readily facilitated patient-clinician conversations.”
  • Solutions for Your PracticeContact us to begin customizing an advance care planning program that works best for your system.
  • Easy to ImplementLearn how you can integrate our programs into your organization.
  • Customize Five Wishes

Five Wishes is the beginning of a conversation.

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