Five Wishes Program Consulting Services

Program Consulting Services

Advance Care Planning Program Consultations

Despite the tremendous benefits and importance of advance care planning, few healthcare systems have formal mechanisms for addressing end-of-life wishes and goals of care, training staff on how to have effective conversations, or measuring the outcomes of advance care planning activities.

A solid advance care planning program includes systems, processes, and standards to help ensure that everyone you serve has the opportunity to express and document their end-of-life treatment decisions, so that the care they receive is aligned with their values, goals, and preferences.

Five Wishes consulting services can help you determine the steps you need to take to build and implement an effective advance care planning program, and ensure your program is making a difference for your care recipients and your healthcare organization. Our consulting services are based on your needs, and can include any or all of the following:

  • Program evaluation and assessment
  • Skills assessments and training plans
  • Strategic recommendations and board/C-suite presentations
  • Program development
  • Workflow assessment and design
  • Program implementation support
  • Identifying and tracking meaningful process and outcome metrics
  • Development of custom Five Wishes documents and resources designed to meet your system, state, and other requirements
  • Development of custom support materials including patient-facing, marketing and outreach, and clinical education resources

For more information about how Five Wishes Consulting Services can help your practice, call us at 850.610.2010.

The conversation approach health care providers use with their own families.
  • The Patient-Preferred Advance Directive According to the the Journal of the American Board of Family Medicine: “Five Wishes was more readable, understandable, appealing, and usable. It seemed to capture patient preferences for end-of-life care more effectively and it more readily facilitated patient-clinician conversations.”
  • Solutions for Your PracticeContact us to begin customizing an advance care planning program that works best for your system.
  • Easy to ImplementLearn how you can integrate our programs into your organization.
  • Customize Five Wishes