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Healthcare providers are increasingly recognizing that communication about goals of care is one of the most important elements in achieving clinical excellence, and that training clinicians in communication skills is a powerful tool in achieving desired outcomes. Advance care planning is a tool that allows you to communicate with your patients about what matters most, and have values-based conversations with every person you serve.

Five Wishes offers several training solutions to help providers develop and enhance advance care planning conversation skills.

Five Wishes Conversation Guide for Clinicians
An easy to use booklet-style training tool that guides clinicians and providers through starting, navigating, and documenting advance care planning conversations. It’s perfect as a just-in-time resource to keep in clinical settings.

Five Wishes Online Training Courses
Covers topics including introductory advance care planning skills, in-depth conversation skills, and program implementation. These affordable one-hour CE courses are available on-demand and are appropriate for all healthcare professionals. Learn more here.

Standard Training Packages
Help your organization kick-off a new advance care planning initiative, or boost the energy and enthusiasm for having conversations. Available training packages include Introduction to Five Wishes, Five Wishes Wellness Initiatives, Grand Rounds, and Five Wishes Marketing and Outreach.

Custom Trainings and Workshops
Custom offerings can be developed and customized for your specific audience and learning goals for more in-depth, personalized skills development. Our on-site trainings are helpful for teams and departments that engage in advance care conversations on a regular basis such as palliative care, hospice programs, critical and intensive care units, or specialties such as oncology and cardiology. On-site trainings can include role play and other exercises to practice and hone conversation skills, and provide feedback on live demonstration of competencies.

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The conversation approach health care providers use with their own families.
  • The Patient-Preferred Advance Directive According to the the Journal of the American Board of Family Medicine: “Five Wishes was more readable, understandable, appealing, and usable. It seemed to capture patient preferences for end-of-life care more effectively and it more readily facilitated patient-clinician conversations.”
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