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Incorporate spiritual, medical, and legal care into advance care planning

In times of struggle, we often turn to our community for support. It takes a variety of community organizations to support the community at large. Part of that support is offering guidance on a variety of life matters, including advance care planning. Many community groups have started to offer classes on end-of-life planning, ensuring that each community member is given a voice and respected should the need arise.

How does Five Wishes help my community group?

  • Allows you to foster meaningful communication and connection amongst community members
  • Educates your community on end-of-life planning items of which they may not be aware
  • Guides your community through hardship

We offer tools to not only support your community but to also support you. Our educational information helps you hold meetings and discussions about Five Wishes and instills confidence in your employees when needing to have these conversations. Offer a workshop, one-on-one meetings, or town hall discussions about this critical issue. Your community will thank you.

Bring one of the programs below into your community today.

Five Wishes is the beginning of a conversation.

Suggested Products to Assist with Your Advance Care Planning Program