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Empower Your Child to Express His or Her Wishes

You love your children and would do anything for them. Though it is not always easy to think, or talk, about a serious illness with your kids, it is important that you understand their feelings, thoughts, and wishes should the need ever arise. Voicing My Choices, for adolescents and young adults, and My Wishes, for younger children, are tools to help guide the discussion in the event they become seriously ill. Developed with feedback from young people living with a serious illness, these tools can help you sensitively discuss advance care planning.

Voicing My Choices and My Wishes

  • Are written in language for children and young adults, with Voicing My Choices developed with guidance from young adults themselves
  • Capture how your child wants to be comforted, supported, treated, and remembered by family, friends and caregivers
  • Ensure that if you are ever in the situation that you need this document, you can confidently represent your child’s wishes

Making these decisions is hard. Having the conversation is made easier with programs like these. Feel at peace ensuring your child will be comforted, supported, and remembered with his or her input and wishes at the forefront of their care.

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Five Wishes is the beginning of a conversation.

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