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Make Your Healthcare Wishes Known - and Accessible

On National Healthcare Decisions Day we teamed up with MyDirectives to bring a special offer to Five Wishes users. We're thrilled to continue this partnership and offer Five Wishes users a chance to upload their Five Wishes to MyDirectives - completely free!

Why Should I Add My Five Wishes to

MyDirectives offers a unique digital space to store your advance directive, so you, your loved ones, and your medical team can know where to a find a copy of your Five Wishes at all times.

How To Add Your Five Wishes to

Adding your completed and signed copy of Five Wishes to MyDirectives is easy and can be done in a few simple steps.

If you have not yet completed Five Wishes, our electronic version can help you get started right away. Complete Five Wishes Online on your computer before printing OR print it out and complete it by hand. You can also order a paper copy of Five Wishes to be sent to you.

After completing and signing Five Wishes, simply scan it onto a computer and add the scanned file to MyDirectives.

What Should I do Next?

It is important to speak with your family and let them know you have completed Five Wishes. If you’re not sure how to start, our Conversation Guide for Individuals and Families can help you navigate the conversation.

To make sure your family can easily access your Five Wishes on MyDirectives, you can grant them permission to view your document by adding them as users.

It is also important to make sure your healthcare team(s) are aware of your Five Wishes by letting them know you have a copy on file with MyDirectives.

Five Wishes® Advance Directive

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  • Price for 25 or more is $1.00 each (Save $4.00 per item)

Five Wishes Online

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    • Price for 25 or more is $2.00 each (Save $8.00 per item)
    • Price for 100 or more is $1.00 each (Save $9.00 per item)

    Five Wishes is the beginning of a conversation.

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