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Elevating Advance Care Planning in Healthcare

The Five Wishes Practice Community is a collaborative community of healthcare professionals who use the Five Wishes program for advance care planning. The goal of the practice community is to enhance your outcomes and elevate your practice through sharing best practice stories, resources, information, and more.

Membership is free, and available to any health professionals who use any components of the Five Wishes program.


Advance Care Planning in Palliative Care Programs

  • Dr. David Buxton, Executive Medical Director of Palliative Care for AdventHealth,  shares experience and insight about the value of a strong advance care planning program, why it is a central component of good palliative care, and how AdventHealth integrates advance care planning into the care continuum.
    Dr. Buxton is a forward-thinking physician dedicated to reshaping the conversation on health care. He is one of only a few physicians in the country with triple board certification in adult psychiatry, child psychiatry and palliative care. Dr. Buxton is passionate about helping patients and their families through a focus on communication, quality of life, and goals of care.

Who’s Driving? Ensuring Patient and Family Involvement in Advance Care Planning

  • This webinar explores the principles of patient-centered care, patient engagement, and patient experience as thoughtful frameworks that can help you consider your organization’s advance care planning (ACP) programs, activities, and encounters from the perspective of the people you serve.

Virtual Community Education and Outreach – How to Make Real Connections in Separate Locations

  • With the right approach, making the shift to virtual outreach allows you to connect from a distance. This Webinar highlights a best practice example from Yolo Hospice, with discussion about how to make virtual community education and outreach effective, meaningful, and measurable. Includes a link with several resources from Yolo, including a virtual community access teaching tool (password for this linked page is fivewishes).

Refilling Your Cup in a Drought: Resilience for Healthcare Professionals and Teams

  • Discuss what resilience means and the factors that contribute to it, how we respond to stress, and simple, effective practices to enhance personal and team resilience

Shifting Your Advance Care Planning (ACP) Activities During COVID-19 (and Beyond)

  • Why ACP conversations are increasingly important in the context of COVID-19, relevant challenges and opportunities for ACP in the current healthcare environment, and ways to adjust ACP activities so that conversations are effective, timely, and cover what matters most right now

Virtual Advance Care Planning (ACP) Conversations: Creating Meaningful Connections Across the Distance

  • Explore how clinicians can embrace virtual telehealth conversations and overcome barriers, learn how video visits can increase access and provide a new care setting, and discuss how video visits change and improve the experience for clinicians and patients

The Structure of Success: Key Components of Effective Advance Care Planning (ACP) Programs

  • Explore what effectiveness can mean in ACP, discuss the value of a program approach to ACP, and identify the core elements of effective ACP programs

Taking Advance Care Planning (ACP) System Wide

  • Identify benefits of a systems approach to ACP, system changes and organizational culture shifts that impact sustainability of ACP outcomes, and ways to use collaboration across organizations and communities to improve access to ACP

Gaining Traction - Increasing Value and Support for your Advance Care Planning (ACP) Program

  • Learn how to make a compelling case for engaging in ACP initiatives, learn the importance of gaining support from a champion and a sponsor, and tips on how to identify ACP projects that can help demonstrate success and give you something to build upon

Tools to Enhance Your Program

Advance Care Planning checkup for healthcare systems

Increasing Value and Support for your Advance Care Planning Program

Taking Advance Care Planning System-Wide

Research Links

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The conversation approach health care providers use with their own families.

The Patient-Preferred Advance Directive According to the the Journal of the American Board of Family Medicine: Five Wishes was more readable, understandable, appealing, and usable. It seemed to capture patient preferences for end-of-life care more effectively and it more readily facilitated patient-clinician conversations.

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